Send a Digital Case

Airway Labs Accepted Scanning Systems

Select a scanner to learn more about sending your file digitally. Please be sure to email an RX slip to for your case.

Creating Your Account

When you complete an Airway Labs prescription form and send it with the patient’s models or Poly Vinyl impressions, we will call to inform you that we have received your case and obtain your contact information to create an account for you.

We require credit card payment for the initial case, then every case afterwards will be billed NET30.

Your account number will appear on your invoice. When we return the appliance to you, we will include our lab slips for future cases or returns.


What is the Lab Turn-Around Time?

Once we receive the models from you, there is a five-business day lab turn-around. The appliance is shipped back to you via FedEx Ground shipping. You can also choose to have the case “rushed” for an additional $150. In the case of a rush, your appliance will ship FedEx Overnight 24 hours from the time the lab receives your case.

Will the Models Be Returned?

Yes. Please be aware that damage may occur during fabrication but every effort is made to preserve the casts’ originality. If you would like a set of intact models, please note for the models to be duplicated on the lab slip.

When is Payment Due?

An invoice is mailed shortly after you have received the case. You may pay from this invoice or monthly statement upon receipt. Payment is due 30 days from the invoice date.

When Should I Schedule the Patient to Deliver the Appliance?

We recommend scheduling your patient at least 2.5 to 3 weeks from the outbound shipping date. This allows time for the appliance to arrive at Airway Labs, the five-day in-lab fabrication time period, and FedEx Ground shipping to and from your office.