About Airway Labs

No One Knows TAP Like We Do

Airway Labs is the original and leading production facility of the Thornton Adjustable Positioner® (TAP®).

We are an integral part of the design, improvement and development of all the new TAP appliances. Since Airway Labs dedicates its practice solely to the TAP appliances, it allows us to give exceptional quality and attention to each customer.

What Makes Our Lab Unique?

Five-Day In-Lab Turnaround

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality TAP appliances with a standard five-day in-lab turnaround time. Expedited options are available if needed. Contact customer service for more information.

Volume Pricing Discount

We offer volume pricing discounts for our customers to help you save money while treating more patients. If you order five or more cases a month from Airway Labs, you are eligible for a volume pricing discount. Contact our customer service team for more information.

TAP Lab Program

We fabricate TAP appliances at wholesale prices for two specific groups:

  • Existing TAP-licensed manufacturing labs that are in need of overflow support.
  • Existing commercial dental labs that are considering registering with the FDA or have not yet passed the TAP certification program, as a way to offer TAP appliances to their dental customers.

Compliance Guarantee and Warranty

All Airway Labs fabricated appliances have a 60-day compliance guarantee and either a three-year (flexTAP) or one-year (dreamTAP and TAP 3) standard warranty.

  • 60-Day Compliance Guarantee - Within the first two months (60 days from shipment date) of a patient’s trial, Airway Labs will credit your account, upon return of an appliance. This is valid after all possible modifications have been made to suit the patient’s request.
  • flexTAP Standard Three Year Warranty - Airway Labs will repair or remake your flexTAP for any defect in fabrication or materials for three years from the original shipment date at no charge. This does not include loss or damage to the appliance by negligence of the patient.
  • dreamTAP and TAP 3 One Year Warranty - Airway Labs will repair or remake your dreamTAP or TAP 3 appliances for any defect in fabrication or materials for one year from the original shipment date at no charge. This does not include loss or damage to the appliance by negligence of the patient. We offer an extended three year warranty for an additional charge. Please contact an Airway Labs customer service representative for more information.

Our POD System

Each customer is assigned a POD upon request when they start their first case. This assures all of your TAP cases are made to your specifications, and it allows you to be in direct communication with your technician at any time.

PODs work in both assembly lines and independently as daily work flow permits, optimizing technical training for new technicians.

Lab Management

Our Lab Manager, Rudy Zermeno, is an integral team member and leader at Airway Labs. He assists Dr. Keith Thornton and Charles Collins with research and development of new TAP Sleep Care products and ensures that every custom TAP that goes out the door is up to Airway Management’s high-quality standards for every patient. Rudy personally started wearing a TAP in 2019 and has experienced incredibly restful sleep with a great-fitting appliance.

Rudy Zermeno

Lab Manager
Years: 23

Keith Thornton, DDS

Founder and Chairman of the Board
Years: Forever

Charles Collins

Years: 22

Customer Service

Our customer service team takes pride in providing our clients with high-quality support and overall customer satisfaction in a timely manner with accurate information on a daily basis. The team offers support to dentists and doctors as they treat their patients with oral appliance therapy and are available to fully support any questions or concerns that may arise.

Sherron Williams

Customer Service Manager
Years: 13

Nicole Candler

Customer Service
Years: 13

Terri Jones

Sales Manager
Years: 11

Lab Technicians

Our team of lab technicians work together to fabricate high-quality appliances to help ensure the clinician can deliver a successful treatment of sleep apnea for their patients.

Teresa Quintana

Years: 17

Shannon Beck

Years: 14

Deysi Herrera

Years: 13

Rocio Murillo

Years: 10

Christian Garcia

Years: 9

Marcella Quintana

Years: 1